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At Health Connection one of our main objectives it to help educate our community about the importance of being proactive with our spinal health as well as our general health. In order to accomplish this objective we organize health talks about health in our clinic and other places. The health talks at the clinic are in Portuguese but we do offer talks in English at companies if needed. To schedule a health talk please contact us.


  • Chiroparctic – How chiropractic can change your health ( FREE ) – CALL TO SCHEDULE
  • Posture–100% health, our Posture
  • Exercise –From couch to action
  • Nutrition –We are what we eat ( part 1 )
  • Nutrition – We are what we eat ( part 2 ) with juicing demo
  • General Health – 100% Health, habits and myths
  • Mental Atitude – Stress
  • Mental Atitude –Change your Atitude change your life
  • Personal and company Coaching – Different topics


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Contacts and shedules

Horário de Atendimento
De Segunda a quinta-feira das 7:40 às 17:00
(+351) 214 101 429
(+351) 915 007 090


Av. José Gomes Ferreira, Ed. Atlas I, Miraflores - Lisboa

Entre o Homes Place de Miraflores e o estacionamento da Carris, ao pé do centro de inspecções, no prédio da Oney.

Chegar de Autocarro
Carris: 748, 751, 201, 202 e 750

Vimeca: 10